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The collection of notes "THE ACCORDION ACADEMY OF IGOR ZAVADSKY. Issue I"

This collection represents only a part of the repertoire of Igor Zavadsky, the complexity of which is intended for beginners learning to play button or piano accordion and professional performers. In his repertoire Igor Zavadsky always puts in the first place music that has withstood the test of time and is known in all countries. Using the unique features of accordion, Igor Zavadsky with his arrangements, transpositions and transcriptions revives the best samples of music of different genres, primarily classical works. In this collection you will find works (or parts thereof) for concert performance. Some of them can be included in competitive programs for different age or genre categories. The original works were written for organ, violin, flute, guitar, piano, bandoneon, chorus, chamber and symphony orchestras. Especially for children Igor includes his composition "Danielf". All works you will find in this and next issues of the Academy of Accordion you may find in music albums recorded by Igor Zavadsky.

Issue I

1. J.S.BACH Toccata and fugue in D minor for organ, arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
2. J.S.BACH "Badinerie", transcription by Igor Zavadsky
3. A.VIVALDI Concerto "Winter" from "The Four Seasons", arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
4. L. van Beethoven "Coriolan" (Overture to tragedy of Collin), arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
5. C.ORFF "O, Fortuna!" from Cantata "Carmina Burana", transcription by Igor Zavadsky
6. T.ALBINONI Adagio, arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
7. E.GRIEG "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from the "Peer Gynt" Suite, transcription by Igor Zavadsky
8. J.RODRIGO Concerto "Aranjuez", Adagio, transcription by Igor Zavadsky
9. F.CHOPIN Nocturne, op. 9/2, arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
10. G.SVIRIDOV Valse from Musical Illustrations to A.Pushkin's Story "The Snowstorm",
arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
11. G.SVIRIDOV Romance from Musical Illustrations to A.Pushkin's Story "The Snowstorm",
arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
12. A.KHACHATURIAN Valse from music to M.Lermontov's Drama "Masquerade", arrangement by Igor Zavadsky
13. I.ZAVADSKY Tarantella-fantasia "Danielf"
14. H.TIERNEY Pasodoble "Rio-Rita", transcription by Igor Zavadsky
15. Z. de ABREU "Tico-Tico", arranged by Igor Zavadsky
16. J.COLOMBO Valse-Musette "Indifference", arranged by Igor Zavadsky
17. A.PIAZZOLLA "Libertango", improvisation of Igor Zavadsky
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