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“I named the album in such a way not only because it is a jubilee album and contains the victorious “Triumphal March”, but also because this album embodies, for me personally, the victory that is key for anyone - the victory over oneself.

“Triumph” (translated from the Latin word “triumphus”) has different meanings:
- the main feast day of Jupiter, the most important god of ancient Rome;
- the solemn entrance in the empire’s capital by a victorious supreme military commander and his army;
- a military commander’s highest award — the right to march triumphally along the central streets of Rome bearing the victory laurels. A military commander could receive such an award for a victory in an important battle from the Senate of the Roman Republic and, later, from the imperator.

It is the first time that I adopted the role of both the composer and performer of my songs in my recordings. Many composers have created their musical “Seasons”, but those were instrumental series. My series of children’s songs dedicated to the seasons of the year may be the only of its kind in the world. Currently, few compose songs for the little ones in Ukraine, which is why I wanted to create something of my own in this field.

Of all my 22 CDs, the present disk has the biggest track number.

In my 2nd to 14th albums, some musical pieces were repeated in new versions. But absolutely all tracks are new pieces in this 15th album.

For the first time, my album was recorded not in a studio or concert hall but at my home. Ivan Zavadsky recorded, assembled, joined, and arranged the audio tracks. I am so much grateful to Ivan!

Many thanks to all others who contributed to this album: Andriy Brygida (ideas for the album style); Anton Pisotskyi (design); Denys Dorosh (translation into English); Tetiana Bekirova (words for the three songs dedicated to spring, autumn, and winter); Natalia Kosynets (ideas for the album style and contribution to the text of “Autumn Song”); and Mykhailo Didyk’s studio (production of the master CD).”

Igor Zavadsky


1. G.VERDI – "Triumphal March" from the Opera "Aida" 1'06
2. D.TRIFONOV – March "Homesickness" 3'02
3. L. van BEETHOVEN – "Turkish March" from the music to A.Kotzebue’s play "The Ruins of Athens" 2'12
4. A.SALIERI-W.A.MOZART – "Welcome March" 1'25
5. W.A.MOZART – Sonata No.16, Allegro 2'31
6. J.S.BACH – Prelude No.8 in E flat minor (WTC, I) 4'13
7. J.S.BACH – Prelude No.10 in G minor ("12 Small Preludes") 1'43
8. J.S.BACH-A.SILOTI – Prelude in B minor 3'23
9. P.I.TCHAIKOVSKY – Dance from the Ballet "Swan Lake" 2'56
10. D.SHOSTAKOVICH – Waltz No.2 3'34
11. Ye.DERBENKO – "Autumn Dreams" 3'38
12. M.MINKOV – "Old Grand Piano" from the movie "We are from jazz" 2'14
13. G.MILLER – Dance from the movie "Sun Valley Serenade" 1'51
14. A.PETROV – Melody from the movie "Autumn Marathon" 2'10
15. V.COSMA – "Sirba" from the movie "Tall Blonde in a Black Boot" 2'46
16. P.MAIBORODA – "Kyiv Waltz" 1'59
17. A.CABRAL – "The Ńrowd" 1'16
18. A.VOSSEN – "Flick-Flack" 2'51
19. I.SHATROV – Old waltz "Moksha Regiment on the Hills of Manchuria" 2'49
20. G.KITLER – Old waltz "Expectation" 3'20
21. Ye.DREIZEN – Old waltz "Birch-tree" 3'27
22. K.TIEDEMANN – Old waltz "Kitty" 2'45
23. S.RAKHMANINOV – "Italian Polka" 1'08
24. J.WATT – "The Three Little Pigs" 0'56
IGOR ZAVADSKY – Song series "Children’s Seasons":
25. I.ZAVADSKY – "Spring Race" (words by Tetiana Bekirova) 3'13
26. I.ZAVADSKY – "Here’s Summer!" (words by Igor Zavadsky) 1'25
27. I.ZAVADSKY – "Autumn Song" (words by Tetiana Bekirova) 1'49
28. I.ZAVADSKY – "Winter Fairytale" (words by Tetiana Bekirova) 2'01
Total Time: 70'42
Transcription for button accordion - Igor Zavadsky.
1, 2, 13-28 - variety version (arranged by Ivan Zavadsky);
3-12 - performed solo;
24 - in duet with Ivan Zavadsky (button accordion);
26 - in duet with Danylo Volsky (vocal).
Recorded on button accordions:
1-8, 11-17, 19, 22-26, 28 - "Jupiter";
9, 10, 18, 20, 21, 27 - "Jupiter-2D" (mini).
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